Wow, what a week it has been. I have been thinking over the past week about what God has been speaking to my heart and I have kept coming back over and over to the need for us to acknowledge that God is our Deliverer!


Last week was a tough one for me. My husband and I have had the privilege of walking alongside a family that has needed support over the past six months. In this situation, the support needed has been in the area of helping to care for little ones a couple of times (about a week each time) this year. We love this family dearly and wish we could just snap our fingers and make all that is struggling in this situation disappear. I wish I could say the help we have been privileged to provide has changed the course of struggle and hardship for this family. That has not been the case. What God spoke to me on the morning of Halloween regarding this whole situation is that my husband and I are not the deliverers of this. God said to me clearly, “I am the Deliverer” … and with that, I have laid it completely at His feet knowing that only He can save, only He can deliver, only He can make new.


Flash forward to this week, the election … UGH. What a week. We had an election party with our kids and their cousins hoping to make this process a learning event and get them excited about the privilege we have in this country of freedom and a voice choosing our leaders. It was fun to cast our individual votes for local elections and the presidential election seeing what each child thought would happen with the results. No matter your political leanings, it has been hard. I have been relieved then unsettled, then relieved then unsettled back and forth many times this week. I do not want to speak to my political opinions; that is not my role here. What I want to speak to is this reminder that God gave me on October 31st …. God is our deliverer. I have seen seven police officers be shot and killed this week around the country all while my husband puts on that uniform each day. I have seen riots, anger and destruction in the past 24 hours. I have seen hatred that can scare you to the core if you do not have something deeper to lean on. I have seen my daughter place her presidential vote in the 2nd grade class election and watched her realize that her vote was a minority vote in that class. I have walked alongside her to encourage her to let us know if she is hearing things that scare or hurt her in school because her vote was not on the same side as those now rioting. She is in 2nd grade … and this is the new reality. She could be completely torn down for her vote in a 2nd grade election.


Please remind your children that our hope, our DELIVERER is not in this world. Our SAVIOR is not any presidential candidate ever. Our TRUST for someone to save us is not walking this earth in human form. Christ is the only way, the only truth and the only light. Please continue to go back to that with your kids who may be afraid. No matter where you stand politically, please calm fears, remind our children of the Hope that we have. Christ is my DELIVERER and I am so incredibly grateful for His willingness to sacrifice for me and save me!


I just love this song by Mandisa … go check it out!