Mark and Jeri Iwasaki Family

Son – Zy

Church – Calvary Chapel Wahiawa located in Wahiawa, Oahu (Hawaii)

Our adoption journey started in May of 2014 when we filled out paperwork with Hawaii International Child to pursue adopting a Chinese child.  Throughout the journey, we were constantly exercising faith, as we did not have the financial means to continue along the path.  However, through the generosity of friends, family, and strangers, God provided.  In the midst of aggressive fundraising, we also applied for grants, which we were repetitively denied.


We were matched with our son Zy in the later part of 2014 and planned on traveling the following Fall to get him.  All the while we continued to fundraise and fill out grants.  Then, miraculously, God moved the paperwork faster than expected and we were allowed to travel in May of 2015 to pick Zy up!  A week before we left, Katelyn’s Fund contacted us for an interview.  We explained our situation and they were gracious enough to reschedule us for after our trip.


The actual adoption and bonding process in China was not only challenging, but also solidifying.  It solidified our family’s foundation in God’s love.  It solidified our marriage, and it solidified our new family unit of 3.  This experience was invaluable and we thank God for orchestrating each tiny detail!


Shortly after we arrived back home, we were able to Skype with a small panel of Katelyn’s Fund representatives for our interview.  We fully anticipated another grant rejection because our adoption was technically final.  With that understanding, we were overwhelmed at how much we truly enjoyed discussing our passion for adoption as well as our journey with the Katelyn’s Fund team.  We were so blessed with their obvious fervor for the same things, especially for furthering the Kingdom of God.  After our discussion and prayer time, we not only felt affirmed, but refreshed.


A few weeks after that, Katelyn’s Fund blessed us with a grant to cover the re-adoption costs that we will incur.  This allows us the freedom to pursue re-adoption right away instead of waiting to raise the funds.  This grant took a weight off of our shoulders and helped us to better focus on our family!  We have enjoyed the ups and downs of the adoption path, and are so thankful that Katelyn’s Fund has been there to support us.