judahThis past week was my son Judah’s first birthday! As a family we have been celebrating his life everyday since we brought him home at 10 days old! I have not had the privilege of meeting or talking to his birth mom yet. An open adoption was what she thought she wanted but when it came time to meet, she was unable to follow through with that plan. I can totally understand this, especially because her pregnancy was the result of rape.  My heart’s desire is to be able to tell her how much we love her, even though we don’t know her. I have written her letters throughout this past year. I am hoping one day she will contact the agency and be able to read them and be blessed. Here is the letter I wrote on Judah’s birthday.



Dear Lakesha,

Today we celebrate Judah’s first birthday. In celebrating his life we are also celebrating the courageous choice you made to give him life. Many in our broken world would have said his life was not worth saving, but you did not agree. I am sure your days have been full in caring for your now, 2, 3, and 4 year old children.  I hope you think from time to time about your son that you chose for us to adopt. I hope when you think of him your heart is at peace. Though I can not imagine what it feels like to make that hard choice to give your baby to a family that can provide for him, even if that family can’t include you. I want to tell you just a bit about how he is doing. In sharing about how he is thriving, I hope it brings a sense of peace over you.

He has been a delightful little baby.  He has a calm and content demeanor.  He has the cutest little dimples that he shows off to all who engage him with a smile. He is becoming quite the little flirt! He enjoys waving, giving high fives, and giving kisses.  He has great laugh that his big sister can bring out at anytime.  He is learning how to walk. He can take steps on his own but would rather uses his speedy crawl to keep up with his big brother.  He absolutely loves balls! He has been throwing them for many months now and has a strong arm!  He likes swatting things which is entertaining to watch.  We often have dance parties in our kitchen and he gets into it! Whenever he hears music he starts swinging his arms.   His favorite foods are chicken, sausage, and oranges! He already has 8 teeth so he pretty much eats everything.  He continues to be a cuddler. I have enjoyed sharing him with babysitters, church nursery workers, and friends because he makes everyone happy with his cuddles.


Of course he is not perfect. He still wakes me up at least twice a night.  He has a loud high pitch squeal, we call him the pterodactyl dinosaur.  He lets out his squeal whenever he wants something, and I can’t help but respond since it is so loud!  But all in all he has been a joy!  I tell people all the time that he is the most chill, easy-going baby I have ever known! It will be fun to see how his personality comes out in the coming years.  I wonder if he gets this easy going personality from you?


I hope it encourages you to know he is thriving! I hope one day I will get to give you a huge hug and celebrate with you how God took something meant for evil and redeemed it into something beautiful! Our story that has been knitted together through the life of Judah Robert is a marvelous picture of God’s grace.  Thank you for giving him a chance to experience God’s grace through adoption.


I respect and love you!