Jason & Sheri Hansen Family

Child: Cayson 2 ½ years

Church: Living Water Community Church, Orange City, IA


Our first adoption journey began in the summer of 2012. After struggling with fertility, we were so excited to start the process of adoption of our first child. We knew the initial cost of adoption was going to be a huge leap of faith. However, we both desired to have a family and felt God calling us to do so by way of domestic adoption. The adoption process for our son, Cayson, moved along quite quickly. From sending in our application and paperwork, to receiving the call for placement was approximately seven months. He was placed in our arms and hearts four days before Christmas 2012. He became ours legally two days before Christmas 2013. There were a few “surprises” in our financial journey we had not calculated in the beginning, but thanks to organizations and grants such as Katelyn’s Fund and God’s provision, we were able to fully fund our son’s adoption. We were beyond blessed by our entire experience! We have now completed our home studies and paperwork for the (domestic) adoption of our second child and are a “waiting family” again. Financially preparing for the second adoption is typically harder in comparison to the first time. We were once again beyond blessed to meet in fellowship and prayer time with the Katelyn’s Fund team. It was such an encouragement to hear their words of support and prayers for us, and we are grateful for their help in funding this adoption as well. God’s provision and timing is amazing and we are putting all our trust in Him! We look forward to the day we can welcome our second child into our family.
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