Ricky and Amy Board family

Church: Christ Fellowship Church, Fort Worth, TX

Our vision for our family has always included adoption.  We spent six weeks in Thailand in the summer of 2013 for a practicum learning experience for Amy’s school program and to learn from and support missionaries from our church who live in Northern Thailand.  While there, we learned about the orphan situation in Thailand and experienced the beauty of adoption through the missionary family from our church, which has adopted two Thai children. 
When we returned to the United States in August, we felt God putting on our hearts a growing burden to consider adoption now, rather than at some point in the future after we had established our family by having biological children first.  We spent a few months researching adoption and communicating with families we knew who had adopted domestically and internationally.  As we continued to pray, we felt that starting our family through adoption was the right decision for us.  We have chosen to adopt from Thailand because we hope to live there in a few years and join in the work that has begun through the missionary family from our church.  We are delighted to see how God has taken a dream that we have shared from the beginning of our marriage and shaped and molded it to become something more beautiful than we could have imagined.
When we began the journey of adoption, we knew we would need to see God move in big ways to overcome financial hurdles. Katelyn’s Fund has been a significant part of the way the Lord has blessed us financially and made it possible for us to afford the high cost of adoption. It’s been incredible to watch Him provide for us and prepare the way for us to welcome our new little one into our family. We expect him or her to join us in early 2015.
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