Jenn Eekhoff, shared with her passion in caring for those in need, their family’s journey which has spanned many years of foster care and adoption, and ways the broader community can come alongside families as well. We are grateful for Jenn taking time to share, thankful we can learn and listen from one another and He provides ways for us to walk together in community.

Here are some of the ideas Jenn shared below:

How can you support kids in foster care outside of becoming a foster parent?

Here are some suggestions:

Build an authentic friendship with a foster family in your community
Become a mentor
Bring a foster family a meal
Help a new foster family get started
If you have a talent/skill, share it
Get certified as a respite foster family
Help celebrate a milestone by throwing a party!
Donate your gently used items
Help with lawn care or snow removal
Offer to help with transportation
Buy diapers and/or wipes
If you are a photographer, offer a discount to foster families
Donate your used bikes or sports equipment
Become a CASA volunteer
Give a child a new experience
Help with laundry
Offer to take the kids to the park
Hair care
Become a regular babysitter for a foster family
Buy a membership pass for the family
Volunteer at Royal Family Kids Camp
Grant a wish at
Invite a foster family to your home
Be an encourager

Get informed about trauma
The Forgotten Podcast

Book recommendations

Reframing Foster Care (Jason Johnson)
The body keeps the Score (Bessel Van Der Kolk)
The Connected Child (Karyn Purvis. & Lisa Qualls)
The Connected Parent (Karyn Purvis. & Lisa Qualls)
Parenting the Hurt Child (Gregory Keck)

The organizations/speakers/businesses are sharing from their own personal experience(s).  Katelyn’s Fund doesn’t directly endorse any of them.

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