I love spring.  It has always been my favorite time of year.  I just love to go from winter to the melting of snow and then see the grass get green again and the trees budding.  My favorite sport has always been softball … another reason to love spring. 


I was driving home this afternoon taking in the beauty of everything coming alive again.  It wasn’t that long ago that I truly wondered if this was even going to happen this year in Minnesota.  With such a dreaded winter, and the past three months bringing lots of challenges on many fronts, I wondered if spring would ever really come.  Today, I was reminded again that spring will come, spring did come!   Sometimes the wait can feel like it is too much to bear.  And then, the change comes and we are refreshed, renewed.   There are many things that I am looking forward to coming, and many days when the need to be patient can feel like it is too much to bear.  Like the arrival of spring, FINALLY, the things that God will reveal and renew will happen.  They will occur in His time when His plan can be fulfilled.  Please Lord bring the many “springs” of life … renew, refresh and continually reveal your HOPE to us!