Mid-September is a hard season.  There are hints of summer still around, such as blooming wildflowers and birds singing.  Our floors are littered with flip-flops.  On a late afternoon Saturday walk in my neighborhood, I can smell someone’s grill smoking, in preparation for something yummy and fresh for dinner.  My school age kids insist on wearing shorts to school.  Summer lingers.

As the season changes, I’ve noticed it gets darker earlier.  The mornings are frosty and chilled.  Football is in full swing.  We are digging up sweatshirts and shoes that are not sandles…..and my little ones have coughs and runny noses.  I find myself yearning a bit for what we just left…..the long lazy summer days and fireflies at night……but then I have to stop.

Seasons change for a reason.  I wouldn’t want to ever get bored with sunshine and hummingbirds and swimming and popsicles.  It’s time to step forward into autumn.  Today was very chilly.  I remember that I love denim and yoga pants.  I’ve decided its the year to buy a new pair of slippers.  I can’t decide if I want to make a pot of chili and cinnamon rolls tomorrow or grill burgers with baked beans and creamy corn casserole in the crock pot.  I love fall food.  I love decorations with pumpkins and Indian corn and colorful leaves…..watching my kids do their school sports on weekends is awesome.

Just like in nature, the seasons of parenting change.  Sometimes a season feels too good to be true, and I find myself feeling like the luckiest, most blessed and favored mom of all.  Then, there comes this transition into a harder time of pushing against obstacles, feeling worn down and discouraged…..but luckily, at least in my house, the easy and hard seasons of parenting can change multiple times in a day.  I don’t think I would still be here if it took three months to cycle back around.

Happy new fall season everyone.  May you all find the blessing and beauty and joy in every day.  The Lord designed these seasons for our behalf.  Lets celebrate each one.