Here I am again feeling… privilege, thrilled, curious, eager, naive, trusting, concerned. These feelings and more arise as we wait for the adoption of our 3rd child (2nd adoption).  We have done our part. We now wait for the Lord’s perfect timing to bring a baby into their forever family.  It is a strange place to be having this adoption be our second time around.  I have something to compare to.

Our daughter will be 3 years old next month. I recall her adoption journey, her birth mother and the beauty of those redemptive relationships. God did an amazing work in Tal’Shica (birthmother) through her crisis pregnancy (He brought her into a relationship with Jesus!!) and He knit my heart with hers in a unique way that can not be matched. Click Here to hear her story she recorded to help other woman in crisis pregnancy situations.

If you watched Tal’Shica’s 10min interview you can probably see how special she is and why I am forever grateful for my daughter’s adoption story. It was so unique, so special.  If I am honest, I have some fears that my relationship with my 3rd child’s birth mom will be much different and worse.  I am having to check my thoughts daily to recognize the lies I am believing, the lack of trust I am having in the Lord. My sister reminded me again today that this child God will place in our home will have his/her own adoption story and it will be beautiful in it’s own ways. It will indeed be different, different then his/her big sister but different is not bad.  I pray the Lord will prepare me for the story He is writing. I pray that I will not allow comparison to rob me of joy and gratitude I can have in this new redemptive adoption story He is working out.