“Oh, He is so good to involve us in His plans to redeem His children!”

          This was a comment left on my blog this week as I journaled through our daughter’s adoption here in Thailand.  It really struck a chord with me—our lives being part of God’s redemptive plan for our children.  The weight of that is incredible but the joy of that is unspeakable!

        We attended a church here in Bangkok last Sunday and fittingly enough; the sermon was all about God’s redemption.  The message pointed out that the life Christ saves us from is a life of slavery and emptiness, a life dominated by darkness and headed for destruction.  Christ’s redemption; however, comes in with rescue, deliverance, freedom and satisfaction for God.

       The adoptions that you and I work and wait for are only small glimpses of Christ’s redemptive work in us.  Our imperfect love and sacrifices made to redeem our children from loneliness to a place of belonging are made complete when His redemptive work breaks in. 


Thank you, Father, for the families you are using to bring your Kingdom here to earth and to redeem your children into the life you have purchased for them!