Year after year, He has shown His faithfulness by leading us, helping us, drawing us closer to Him. As we lean into His leadership in all ways in the ministry, we surrender things to Him, His vision, His leading, His ways. Each year, we see Him move and teach, continuing to call us into places of security, in His presence, keeping our eyes on Him, and security that His ways are higher and He sees beyond us (Isaiah 55).

Every year we seek His heart in how and what to pray for families, knowing the most important thing we can do is continue to find truth in His word and in His promises, then praying for more faith in waiting on these promises to unfold. As we are bombarded with so many things around us, sensing discouragement and need for breakthrough, the best place we can go, is to Him, to His word. It is always true, always leads, gives us wisdom and a place to find peace in Him. Each week we pray together through scripture, for Him to move upon the promises within them and over families, children, the church, our brothers and sister in Haiti, and all nations. We come praying expectantly and have seen Him move in some mighty ways.

As we were praying this fall through Psalm 23 over families, we were overwhelmed with His presence, His promises in Psalm 23, the depth of His love in shepherding us, providing places for us, leading us, giving us rest, anointing us, and setting our eyes on the truth, that we will be dwelling with Him always. He spoke deeply in our prayer time, giving us encouragement for families in deep valleys, over our Haitian brothers and sisters in the midst of ongoing suffering and struggles. So with His leading, we will continue to pray through this as He leads. We are looking forward to continuing to take time to pray through this chapter, promise by promise, throughout the year, declaring and interceding for each of you. May He increase our faith and give us confidence, that He is our shepherd, always leading, protecting, and providing.

If you would like to join us in a time of prayer each week, we meet on Wednesdays at 12:00-1:00 at the HOME building in Sioux Center, Iowa.

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