Many agencies require pre-adoptive parents to attend adoption education. This education can take many shapes. It can consist of self-paced education with videos and workbooks, to several weeks of weekly meetings to two-day workshops.

Sometimes parents wonder if pre-adoption education is worth the time spent away from their current tasks and family. I believe that the pre-adoption education is well worth the time and effort. Just like pregnancy and birth education is a rite of passage for parents, adoptive parents should consider adoption education a rite of passage.

We attended a two-day workshop when we were with one agency. When we switched agencies we were required to work through a video based adoption education program.

As a couple we were asked to talk about some topics that we had never otherwise addressed as a couple. We discussed:

  • Our preconceived attitudes and beliefs about adoption
  • The adoption triad
  • Parenting inter-racially
  • Coping with the adoption wait and other challenges that arise during the adoption process
  • Mental preparation
  • Positive adoption language.

Aside from the positive outcome of our adoption education, we simply enjoyed being away as a couple. Adoption education is worth the time and effort.