I discovered a wonderful children’s book about interracial adoption while cataloging it for the library where I work.  It is called My Adopted Child, There’s No One Like You by Dr. Kevin Leman and Kevin Leman II.

It is a story of a young panda bear who was adopted by a family of brown bears.  Panda knows he is adopted and becomes very concerned when his teacher assigns a family tree project at school.  Panda doesn’t like the assignment because he knows his family is different.

He returns home feeling quite glum, and Mama Bear questions him to find out what’s wrong.  Mama Bear explains Panda’s adoption story and tells Panda that their family may be different, but it’s also very special.

This book touches on so many of the questions/struggles involved in adoption, especially interracial adoption.  From birthmom’s decision to looking different from each other.  My kids love it!  I know that they are probably too young to understand the correlation to their own lives at this point, but hopefully this story will help them make connections in the future.

There are so many lines in this book that I just love!  I’ve included a few below.  For the rest, you’ll have to read the book! 

We’re not just a different family.  We’re a special family.  That’s because we’re a family built on love and love alone.  We wanted you!  We chose you!

God makes families, you know, all kinds of them.  And God knew that you, Papa, and I would make a wonderful family.

"You are the cub of my heart, Panda," said Mama.  "You were born right here," and she touched her furry chest with her paw.  "Don’t ever forget that Papa and I love you very much and always will.  We’ll  always be a part of each other, and even after you grow up, you’ll always live in my heart."

My husband and I are amazed at how God knit our family together.  Who but God could connect two beautiful orphan children living halfway around the world to this infertile couple living in northwest Iowa!  Our God is AMAZING!