Today I spoke with a woman who placed a child for adoption recently.  She got someone who was not the biological father to agree to “say he was the baby’s dad”….on paper if needed… that this child could go to an adoptive family.  The bio dad was not a good parent, according to this woman, and she didn’t want to risk this dad getting her baby.  Sooner or later, truth finds us.  Recently, the information was unveiled and now the birth mom is having anxiety attacks because the baby has already been with the adoptive family for awhile….and once the real bio dad is contacted, she is very convinced he will refuse to terminate his parental rights.  

This is all pretty aweful….for this birth mom, the adoptive parents, the bio dad…..and ultimately this baby.  It’s messy.  It’s complicated.  It desperately needs prayer and the hand of God.  Will you join me and pray for them?