Navigating the financial pieces of the adoption process can feel daunting!  We have talked through the fundraising piece and I know many who believe that you shouldn’t enter the adoption process until you have all of the money saved.   Then there are others to step in, not knowing where the money is going to come from but trusting that God will provide.  Which process is “right” or “best”??  

I cannot answer that for others, but do know what my husband and I have come to believe in this process.  In this second adoption process we have entered it just like the first … working hard to not allow the financial piece be what cripples us in fear.  We know that we can’t pursue grants this time around because we are doing an independent adoption and are not working with an agency. 


One thing that we sometimes forget in this is that God intends for all to respond to the needs of the orphan, however, not all are called to adopt.  So God clearly has other jobs for many people on this journey.  A friend of mine and fellow adoptive parent said to me recently that he believes that God doesn’t want us to “do it on our own” and that a part of His plan is that we surrender and rely on others and that others surrender and help … kind of an interesting perspective.  It is one that I have also come to believe in.  When God calls us to a task within His will, does He call us after each piece is lined up?  Or does He many times call us even when we have no idea how He is going to make it work. It is all about His work, and if we truly believe that than I firmly believe that means we don’t have to do it on our own, only moving forward when WE have saved all that is needed.  We received a gift last night … not what we were expecting last evening … to receive an incredibly generous gift toward our adoption process.  And this gift is added to others that we have already received.  It is humbling when you are doing something you know you can’t do alone … and impacts you at the core when you see God quietly reminding you over and over that He has your back and He is not worried about finances.  We are having a big fundraising event this weekend … a very hard (humbling) thing for my husband and I do to.  But we know that God has big plans and if we don’t allow Him to work the way that He can, many will miss out on what He has for them!  Please remind me Lord to allow you to work and don’t let my pride get in the way!


Proverbs 29:23 … “A man’s pride brings him low, but a man of lowly spirit gains honor.”