The past four months since being matched with our (most precious beautiful unbelievably squeezable) twins from Congo have been–different–than expected. I quite honestly have been dreading this part of the process: knowing their faces and names and yet being helpless to do anything about bringing them home. And yet, the Lord has used these past few months in some unexpected ways–He always does!


To be quite honest, I have not been in diligent in prayer as I anticipated, imagined, or would hope. While I think nonstop about the boys, constantly calculating the 8-hour time difference, and practically feel a heart divided in half, my prayer life would not reflect the earnestness with which I want for them to come home. It seems that to engage deeply in prayer would open myself up to an emotional experience that is quite frankly, draining. 


The Lord has used dear friends in this time to pray alongside–to intercede in prayer for our boys when it has simply been too emotional to pray for them. And seeing the body of Christ at work has given me new strength of prayer. I admit that many times, I don’t know what to pray, wondering how the Lord will continue to unfold this story. I am reminded, however, that our human weakness is well known by our Creator, who nonetheless intercedes for us: “We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.” (Rom 8:26)


Along the emotional roller coaster of adoption, we must cling to the truth we know: God cares for the orphans far more than we could ever dream of; He knows the plans for his children to give them a hope and a future; He does not abandon us. Let us be bold to encourage each other, to pray for each other, to uplift each other with words of Truth!