I was struck today,once again, by the method God uses to redeem the World.  The creator of the Universe, the great “I AM”, has chosen to use His creation. One by one.  Each faith-filled life. Lowly humans. Mere men and woman.  He has chosen to reveal His love for the World and His desire to be back in right relationship with them through people. People who humble themselves and place their trust in Jesus instead of in themselves.   I have been studying Moses lately and have been truly amazed that instead of just freeing His people from Egypt with one mighty blow, God used Moses and Aaron to speak His truth. He blessed Moses by using him and brought more glory to His name!  


My husband and I are in full time campus ministry and have the privilege and responsibility of raising up our ministry partnership team.  We are prayerful and hopeful that God will allow us to expand our family through adoption again (never thought I would ever want more then 2 children but God changes us!). Because of this desire we need more funds to support a growing family, so we are in the process of making it a top priority to connect with people to share our ministry and ways they can be apart of it. Well, today we had the blessing of connecting with my former academic advisor from University of Wisconsin. He began by telling us his changed life story!  It was a blessing to hear how he came to know the Lord while playing football at the University of Wisconsin.  It was through a 300lb football teammate who he thought was the least likely to have faith. This teammate invited him to the Athletes in Action bible studies and shared his faith with him.  After my advisor placed his trust in Jesus he got involved in summer project and continued to grow through the ministry.  Today my former advisor is a father to 3 children, involved in our church community, had God see him through the heartbreak of a still-born baby , currently getting strength from the Lord in parenting a teenager and probably praising God for so much more I am unaware of.  And it all began because one of his teammates, whose life had been changed by Jesus, told him that Jesus loved him and wanted a relationship with him.  Now his life has been changed and God is using him to be a blessing to us in the same ministry he came to know the Lord in all these years later! 


One life, one story, one faith. God is bring about the great redemption project and He has chosen to use us His, sinful yet forgiven, followers to declare His love to a world that is lost without Him. I am in awe and ever so grateful that my life has been changed! And I get to sit front row seeing Him continue to work out his redemptive story in college athletes lives!