Our little family is headed to Iowa for a few days so my husband can defend his dissertation. A big day…


I'm reminded as we drive back to a place we now love, and where there are so many dear friends, and where we adopted our dear daughter from, that Iowa was our LAST choice for graduate school! We could've gone anywhere as we had no children at the beginning of this doctoral degree and we were ready for adventure. I mean adventure in the CA or CO sort of way, we're both originally from the Midwest. But, God had big plans for us in Iowa! Never in a million years could someone have told me we'd move and in the midst of suddenly living a grown-up version of student life that we'd adopt a child. What if we had gone to Chicago, or California? We wouldn't have our daughter, or maybe even considered adoption!


My point is that we listened to God's voice telling us… No my children, you need to move to Iowa because I have big plans for you there, the adventure is in Iowa-trust me. Thankfully we did. 

Take time to be quiet and listen for God's voice in times of big decisions. He WILL show you the way. I'm so glad we listened, sometimes that's so hard!