I have a confession.
I have a dream.
It's so big that it's impossible.
Impossible for me, that is.
I'm not ready to share it.
Maybe I'm afraid.
(Maybe it has to do with adoption, again)
Maybe I can't get past how ludicrous it is.
Maybe I don't have enough faith.
I just finished reading the Bible through again, and I'm in awe. I'll never be able to wrap my feeble mind around the fact that the same God who created the universe, parted the Red Sea, healed the sick, brought the dead to life and came to Earth to
die for my sin, is the same God who loves me and whose Spirit lives in me and communicates with my spirit.
Right now I'm reading not a fan. Wow! From the beginning of the book, the question is presented: Am I a follower of Jesus…or a fan?
"Here is the most basic definition of fan in the dictionary:
'An enthusiastic admirer'
It's the guy who goes to the football game with no shirt and a painted chest. He sits in the stands and cheers for his team. He's got a signed jersey hanging on his wall at home and multiple bumper stickers on the back of his car. But he's never in the game. He never breaks a sweat or takes a hard hit in the open field. He knows all about the players and can rattle off their latest stats, but he doesn't know the players. He yells and cheers, but nothing is really required of him. There is no sacrifice he has to make…He is an enthusiastic admirer."
We live in a world where fandom is accepted. Does that make it okay to sit comfortably on the sidelines, unwilling to risk anything? I don't think so.
Please don't misunderstand me and think I'm saying we can earn our way to heaven. Not.at.all! But the narrow way requires obedience. Obedience to the Holy Word of God. And that most likely looks completely different from my plans. And that's okay.
So I have a dream in my heart.
It's impossible for me, in case I didn't mention that.
I pray that in the enormity of this dream I don't lose sight of Whose plans are best…and that I would be a true follower of Jesus and not merely an enthusiastic admirer.