Some days are harder than others.  Some days take more energy than I have– more love and kindness than I can muster.  Some days require me to dig deep, not into my inner strength (because I would find a very shallow well) but to dig deep into the One who offers living water that never runs dry.

Some of my kids have come from hard places.  The enemy has been after them from the start. You know, our old adversary, the one who comes to steal, kill, and destroy.  Thankfully, we have an advocate who comes to give life–and give it abundantly.  As their mom, it is my job to fight for them–in the strength of the Lord.  I will plead their case before my Father as He RESTORES back to them everything that the enemy has stolen.  I will choose to be a vessel that walks in grace and love to minister to my children, pointing them to Christ.

On those days when I have lost my focus, lost my strength, lost my perspective…it can always be found again in the One who fought, conquered, and gave us the victory!

This song I posted is one that I like to start those hard days with. I hope it encourages you as you battle for your children.