It has been a hard week. Our precious girl is graduating from Kindergarten and will be entering 1st grade next year. She is so smart and I know God has big plans for her. This week has been hard because she will be leaving to go to a new school next year. She is grieving hard the loss of the only elementary school she has known … the school that she became familiar with through seeing her brothers attend and move on from and now she has had one year at. All of her classmates are saying “good-bye” and “see you next year” to others in her room, but to her it is only “good-bye.” There is no “see you next year” for her case because next year she will be attending school in a new school district and a new town. I wish we could soften the blow of loss and good-byes for our kids. I wish she didn’t have to have the extra anxiety and sadness good-byes bring. I wish she didn’t have the loss of her first mommy and daddy to process with each new loss and good-bye that comes. We will be hugging extra often in the coming days and weeks and maybe even add a few ice cream treats in the mix as well. I wish I could take the hurt and put it all on my shoulders so that she didn’t have to feel any of it. So thankful for a loving Father who wants to take all of our hurts, praying that His love is what she feels showered with in this moment of sadness.