We have cautiously shared our plans to adopt a special needs child from India.  We prayed alot, made a decision, and started whispering it.  We got more bold about it on Orphan Sunday and allowed our family to be prayed for, allowed her name to be spoken to the great cloud of witnesses in our church.  We have vascillated between excitement and fear over the past months and now we are taking action steps to move forward.  This year, at Christmas time…..I’m getting really, really excited.  I feel like God has given me lots of affirmation to move forward and fight for this child, pray for her, travel to the other side of the world to bring her home….despite all odds.  And so we are.  

Here’s the thing.  God didn’t gaurantee we would get her.  There are lots of reasons to deny us as parents for her.  Lots.  Here is what I know that I know that I know…..God wants us to fight for her.  God knows the day and hour she was abandoned, even if we don’t.  I’m sure God grieved when that day came.  In that moment, I believe he pierced me with a deep, deep seed of irrational purpose…to give her a home.  I believe  that it delights the heart of the Father that we have committed to try.  We will try in every way possible to adopt this child.  

I’m getting increasingly excited about this adoption.  God is showing up in really big ways already, and I’m sure He is just getting started.  I think we will be less quiet moving forward.  Baby girl…..we’re comin.