Hello friends!

Since my last post, my family has moved to a new city, moved our belonging twice (due to house closing delays) and are currently living with my parents for at least two months while we renovate. Four adults (an alpha male among one) and 2 1/2 year old twins under one roof. I am grateful–and yet I am challenged. If you’re like me, we often find ourselves in circumstances that can be difficult for one reason or another, whether we are facing inconvenience, relational tension, deep heartache, or true tragedy–and seeking to respond in God-honoring and wise ways though that response isn’t always clear. I find myself wishing the Bible included a “how to” manual for the different challenges in which I find myself or that the Lord would speak to me in dreams as He did to prophets past! It is these times that I must seek Truth–basic, fundamental, and always applicable Truth that Scripture does teach us.

God created us for His own glory. We are to give thanks in all things. God is present, at work, faithful, and loving. I am called to honor Him, and this applies to my thoughts, actions, words, and even the way I emotionally process circumstances in my life. These are the Truths that I must meditate on when there is often no clear answer to how to respond to one challenge or another. Friends, my prayer for you is that whatever you specific circumstances may hold, may the Spirit lead you to a place of peace by resting in his Truths that DO surmount all circumstantial specifics to reign in our hearts and minds.