My son is, to say the least, strong willed. He packs more independence, spunk and spirit into his little 3 year old 28 pound body than the most determined teenager I have ever met. As one of my two biological children (his twin sister is shockingly compliant), I fully believe that the Lord has carefully built our family so that we each learn from each other.

Most often, it is a delightful adventure in our house…Lots of laughter and hugs and silliness…but then there are the days when I feel I am enforcing discipline more times than I can count. Today has been one of those days; actually about the third or fourth day in a row. But  amidst the frustration  and reminder that love is an action, discipline a process, and three year olds one of life’s given challenges, I am too reminded that the lord uses this to teach me about myself. He teaches me that I am difficult to love and yet remains patient and faithful to teach me and love me. He teaches me that he uses all things for my good and his glory, even preparing my husband and me for difficult parenting of adoptive children. He teaches me to parent not by my own strength but by grace and the strength of the spirit. Even in the delightful times, may we be reminded that all of our days and relationships are to be rooted in the True Vine.