I have been blessed to be able to give birth to some of my children. Upon the birth of our oldest child, just moments after he came into this world and was placed in my arms, red and crying, I remember saying, “We have to do this again!” (Of course, I was not referring to labor and delivery.)  Seeing this beautiful child for the first time, I realized that all it took to get to that point (labor and delivery) was worth it. For me, adopting my children is the same.
We are currently in the adoption process for the third time. Although I am excited to meet the child/children God has waiting for us, now is the time of “labor”. Prayerfully getting all the paperwork done, not only to meet the requirements in our country but also to satisfy the needs of our new children’s homeland, is work. We not only need to make time to complete paperwork but take extra part time jobs and coordinate fundraising efforts to pay for all the legalities just to get them home. This is the “labor”.
Then comes the “delivery” when the real work begins. As in childbirth, this part, although ultimately rewarding with a beautiful child/children on the other side, is not pleasant in the moment. When we bring our child/children home, there will be mixed emotions and confusion. There will be excitement and grief. There will be relief and weariness. There will be joy but only after much hard, patient perseverance and prayer as we all begin to connect as a new family. This is “delivery”
God has given me the grace to go through labor and delivery 10 different times, each unique and beautiful. I still say, “We have to do this again!” so we are again in the labor of adoption, waiting for delivery and the rest of our family to be home.