I have had a longing to grasp a bit more of what eternal life with God will be like. For at least a year now, I have had a nagging desire to “taste and see” what being forever with God will be like.  About six months ago, during a prayer time, I felt the Lord tell me that I don’t have (this closeness, this understanding to things of eternal life) because I do not ask. I needed to be praying for a deeper connection to the unseen spiritual things.

Recently, I have felt the Lord nudging me to do the work of studying what scripture as to say about Heaven and the New Earth.  I have begun reading what leaders in the Church says is the best book on the subject. Randy Alcorn’s “Heaven”.  Though my reading is going slow (having a new adopted baby-now 2 months will do that) I am really enjoying having my mind focused on thinking about how I will spend eternity.  It has been fun to dream about how all the things I so greatly enjoy here and now, will be perfected in the New Earth. How the yard work, house projects, playing with children, and enjoying nature will all be things I will do and enjoy for eternity, only I will be able to experience them perfectly!  Thinking about this has allowed me to see the common grace God is giving me each and every day as he allows me to experience pleasure in these activities.  I am trying to take pause breaks many times a day to enjoy a moment with my children. To slow down and look at my 3 1/2 year old daughter in her eyes and enjoy her smile, or to take a moment to sit on the couch with my 5 year old son on my lap and watch part of his TV show or just hold  my baby boy and kiss his sweet face.  I want to feel the joys in this life fully so that I can dream bigger dreams of what it will be like to experience those same joys in the future perfect world with my God. (Revelation 21-22)