I am an avid book lover and reader – that is a "Bibliophile" for you that like big words!!!  🙂  So I read a lot – and I enjoy many different types of books.  BUT this one hooked me and has given me food to mull around in my mind for days – even after I have finished.  It is the story of Katie Davis and her choice to move to Uganda after high school – leave her family, her friends, her youth, her home in Tennessee, and her boyfriend and live in Uganda and just be "Jesus" to all around her.  She is amazing in my mind – but she would not want me to say that – she is humble and she spills her life story in her book, Kisses From Katie.  Why in the world would I post this on our adoption-themed blog??  Because while she is in Uganda, Katie adopts (yes, she is a single mom under 20 years old) 14 (yep, you read that right too!!) dear Ugandan children.  They become her new family and her triumphs and trials will totally encourage you.  I do not want you to miss her story – she is being used mightily in Uganda and around the world with her ministry, Amazima, that feeds and sends hundreds of children to school while teaching them about Jesus.  You DO need to read the book -but also follow her story on her blog – Kisses from Katie.