Stars seem to fascinate my 2 1/2 year old son Hudson. He has glow in the dark stars on his bedroom ceiling. He likes to sing about stars, talk about the moon and stars, and point out stars in all the books we read. His little sister is right there with him in her interest in stars. Hadassah, now almost 1 1/2, sings twittle twittle little star daily. She likes to turn the lights off in her room and turn her ladybug nightlight on that puts colored stars all over her bedroom walls. My kids interest in stars seemed silly to me but after the message at church this past week I have found myself right there with them in being in awe of stars. 


Our pastor preached out of Hebrews 1.

He made the point that the superiority of God’s revelation is displayed in his son Jesus. Jesus is the appointed heir of all things, through Him the universe was made, He is the radiance of God’s glory, He is the exact representation of God’s being, He is sustaining all things, He provided purification for sins and sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven!

As I have reflected, it keeps hitting me with just how big and powerful God is! I think of our earth and all that is happening here from the environment, to animals, to people and cultures. This overwhelms my thoughts. Than I try to think on our galaxy, the stars, the planets, the emptiness of space and my mind does not know how to make sense of it. Our pastor explained the vastness of space by talking about the swirling galaxies past our Milky Way galaxy. In trying to comprehend this, my mind shuts down! I am so limited by my human mind. Getting outside of my culture is often hard enough for me to think about.


After reflecting on this and also studying John 11 where Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead I am grateful beyond words that I worship and serve such a huge God! A God who can make the galaxies and yet can weep with his friends as they grieve (John 11:35). I can not wrap my little mind around how God is able to care so deeply about one person’s life and yet keep the universe intack! And though it can overwhelm me at times, it mostly brings me great peace as I realize my God is big enough for whatever happens in my little world.

So I guess maybe my kids are on to something. Thinking and talking about the stars is actually a really healthy thing to do. It pulls us out of our little worlds and reminds us of the big God we serve. Myself, and I would argue my American culture, could benefit greatly from being more like Hudson and Hadassah and thinking about something fair greater than ourselves!