My 12 year old son suddenly said to me recently while we were making cookies together, “Mom, I am starting to believe that God does put us in places where He wants us to reach out to certain people” … my mommy heart skipped a beat as I took in those sweet words of a growing faith that I pray for and hope to hear.  My son has struggled for two years with a particular child in school.  This boy comes from a troubled home and is very drawn to my son and his group of friends.  I believe the main reason he is drawn to them is because they “accept” him even though they don’t even really like him.  I believe that this boy senses that his behaviors are not in line with theirs, and slowly, as time has progressed and they have stood up and corrected him, he is becoming “drawn” to them in new ways. When we first learned of some of the things this boy would say my husband and I vacillated between wanting to protect our child from him and having a deep sorrow and compassion for this precious child and what he must see and experience at home.  We have told our son that God will use him if he is open to it … and now, our son is seeing it in that light. 


How many times do we know that God can and will use us if we let Him?  How many times would we rather just walk away and avoid that tough scenario and “protect” ourselves from it?  Parenting children who have come from early trauma provides many opportunities for this scenario.  God has placed the children with us that He knows we need to minister to and He offers us the resources to help them come to healing.  Some days we maybe don’t want this assignment … some days it would be easier to live without having to help your child through manipulative behavior or an issue of control based in fear.  But God does not leave us in this … and truly, He has placed you there for His great work!  Isaiah 41:10-11 reminds us, “So do not fear, for I am with you, do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”


He will strengthen us and HELP us!  Isn’t that an awesome truth to hold to?  I hope my son believes that always, and I hope that I can always live in a way that shows him that I believe that fully as well.