In adoption, Grace can mean so many things.  Grace to accept prayers as a family waits.  Grace to ask for prayer when a family struggles.  Grace to know when we need bigger help…….Grace to say that even when it is hard, it can also be right.

We need grace to wrestle with whether to start the journey again, when to lay it down, when to set it aside.  We need grace to walk with other families on the hard journey of adoption.  We need grace to ask the Lord…….what is next for us.


Grace says that moving forward is good.  Falling down hurts but is not the end of the world.  Failing  once in awhile is ok.  Reaching for Jesus helps.  Mercies are new every single morning.


Grace is the key for me in this walk with Christ.  Grace is my fuel, my prayer, my hope and my strength in this broken world…..again and again I am so thankful for Grace.