I’m staring at a pulsing cursor….rolling over all of the many things I could write.  I could write about my favorite orphanage in India.  I could write about their pressing needs to pay for school fees, and surgeries.  I could write about how exciting it is to learn of families starting an adoption process….I could write about how we filled a box for Operation Christmas Child and we chose things we would like for the little girl we are hoping to adopt…..I could write about how scary it is to move through an impossible, unaffordable adoption, with no gaurantees we will get this child.  I could write about what it feels like to consider stopping an adoption process….and the cursor pulsates….and waits.  

I think instead, I want to write about God and His faithfulness.  God is aware of the needs of my favorite orphanage….and all of the other orphanages of the world.  God knows what fatherless children need, and He will mobilize Christians to meet many of those needs.  God nudges families to pursue adoptions.  God smiles over every box filled with toys and treats for children around the world, and God assigns angels to deliver them to kids who will feel richly blessed with the gift.  God.  God knows all of it, and all the details, and even the outcome and in his mercy…..in……his…..mercy…..he allows us to walk through the days of our lives and pray and seek Him and do our best to follow His will, not ours.  

God is faithful.  He always was and He always will be.  The world will fail us, and sometimes our resolve will waver….but God is faithful.