Sometimes when I stop to think about the enormous responsibility it is to raise children I can become overwhelmed that I just want to stop thinking about it. Especially when I think about raising a son. I say this, because from my life experiences and the things I have seen in the Christian Church it appears to me that many men in our country are missing what it means to be a man of God. I know woman are missing the mark as well, but since men are called to be the leaders of their families I feel the weight more heavily for raising my son, Hudson.

I don’t want to push these thoughts out of my mind because they lead to me depend on Jesus. The need for Hudson to grow up and become a Man of God that steps into his responsibilities and role as man is great. But I know I can not MAKE that happen! I know my job is not to work towards that outcome because the outcome is not within my control. My job, as my mentor once put it, is to be the best representative of Jesus that I can be and model well what it looks like to follow Jesus. I can control how obedient I choose to be. I can control how I handle my weaknesses, failures, and sins. I can do the hard work of prayer to intercede for my children. Because of these things I can handle those overwhelming thoughts more easily.

Another thing that helps me when I want to run from thinking about the importance of my role as a mother is the fact that I have sisters in Christ striving to live out their faith before their children too. I know I am not in this parenting journey with just my husband and God. I have friends and even believers I don’t know who can share the journey with me. Let me pass along this blog that I think will prove helpful in the years to come for my 2 year old son and me.