I had picked up a couple of movies at the local Redbox.

One was for the kids, one was for myself.  Something to watch on those long nights while my hubby was working.

The kids watched theirs right away.  I didn’t get a chance that night or the next.  But that’s ok, I thought, it’s only a $1 a day.  A couple more dollars won’t hurt.

The 3rd night I went to watch it…and it wasn’t there!

The  case was there, but it was empty.  Where was the DVD?!

I had already put it in the DVD player 2 days before in anticipation of a cozy, curl up with a blanket movie night.  The kids must have taken it out when they watched another movie.  When they do that they usually just set it on top of the DVD player.  I vaguely remembered my 5 year old telling me that our friends twin toddler girls were playing with the CDs.  But it didn’t concern me because I thought she was talking about the CDs/DVDs in their cases.  But this one had obviously been lying around without its case.

I looked.

I looked.

I looked.

I panicked. 

I knew I would be charged $23 for not ever returning it, in essence buying this dvd.  A movie I wasn’t even sure I liked because I hadn’t even watched it!

How dumb of me not to put it back in the case.  How un-responsible.

I fretted and I stewed.

Finally…I gave up the search for the night.

I plopped myself down on the couch, totally disgusted.

Then the Lord spoke to my heart.

"There are 143 million orphans in this world.  Yet losing one DVD upsets you more than this?"

Forgive me, Lord.