Our Story

Katelyn’s Fund began after many years of the Lord whispering into our broken hearts.

He wasn’t done with this story. There was so much He wanted yet to redeem. He was asking us to trust in who He was and what He longs for. He was asking if we would speak up: Speak up for those who could not speak for themselves and speak up for His kids across the nations. And if we would, He would move upon the church to speak up and embrace His heart for the orphan.

It was out of this – His calling, His compassion, and His conviction – that we held our first meeting in 2005, and the ministry was born.

We are thankful for the visible ways He allowed us to see Him. He is a good Father in ways we never would have imagined or chosen, and yet in His mercy and His love, He brought us to new places of understanding the depth of His love and the depth of His sorrow in losing His very own son.

Katelyn’s Fund has been a beautiful picture of the fierce Father‘s heart, going forward like a mighty warrior for His children, and Holy Spirit speaking softly and swiftly in the quietest places where we listen the most closely. We are so thankful for the Father’s love and for the ways that He allows us to come in with Him and to speak for those who are not able to speak for themselves. To show that in all things He can and will work for good, His very character is always true, and that His word is true. He is the defender of the fatherless, He will fight for the widow and the orphan. So while we understand that Katelyn’s Fund began out of a place of great sorrow, we understand His heart and the bigger kingdom picture, and that in His time He will restore all things new, and that we trust and we see evidence of Him turning ashes into beauty. We are humbled and honored to serve, joining Him in the ways He calls us to care for the orphans. We praise Him for choosing us first, for adopting us, for giving us not only opportunities for earthly families but also eternal family and unwavering security with Him.

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