As I reflect upon 2013 I can’t help but wondering what will fill my schedule.  I am a planner  and often times I find myself day dreaming about potential plans, next steps in life, decisions that will come up, and other future plans. All of these things are not really even in my control because I do not hold tomorrow.  I am not going “all bad” and trying to say that planning and thinking through the future is bad, but for me, I know that too much time spent trying to plan quickly becomes me trying to play god. Jesus tells me not to worry about tomorrow (Matthew 6:34) and so I disciple my mind to stop. 


But what can I know about the future? What do I know about the days ahead that God may choose to give me? I know that my purpose is to make God known. I know that in whatever circumstances or decisions or events lie ahead my purpose is to bring glory to the One Great I AM who deserves all glory and honor (Revelation 4:11)


If you have 10 minutes, want to be inspired, and reminded of what God is up to in the story He is writing than watch this clip (simply click the link below to be brought to YouTube to view)! It is too good not to pass along!

Story of God