I have been thinking lately about all of you ‘Rock Stars’ out there that daily go into the battle advocating for your kids.  In those moments when you maybe just want to avoid another IEP meeting or you don’t want to have to go to another doctor or therapy appointment; you still do it!  Thank you!


Thank you for taking on your role as a parent with courage.  Thank you for fighting for your child.  Thank you for answering God’s call and entering each day knowing that without Him you would surely not be able to complete the day.  Thank you for not allowing the evil one to have a grip on you and this child.  He would like for nothing more than to discourage and defeat you.  Multiple times I have watched parents fight for their children in the school setting, making sure he/she gets what they need.  I have seen mommas hold and care for a critically ill child who likely would have lost their battle on this earth if not for God placing her in an adoptive home.  I have experienced watching the hard task of releasing a child into a doctor’s arms for his hands to heal a child’s broken heart.  Who signs up for this stuff?  You guys do!  You sign up knowing that without having The Lord to walk this journey it would surely be too much to handle.  Again, thank you.  Please know that your decision and willingness to walk this journey does not go unnoticed.  Keep following the things He is asking you to do; and never forget that He called you not because you are a superhero that can do it all on your own.  He called you because He knew that with His help you could do this!  Remember today that you are a Rock Star!