Words are powerful.  They can build up and tear down.

God often calls us Beloved.  When I read I am God’s beloved, with that one word, I am amazed and humbled.  When I sit before Him, knowing I am forgiven and that He loves me with an everlasting love and calls me Beloved,…WOW!   I wonder if my children daily feel that preciousness from me?   Do they know they are beloved by my words?  Do I build them up even in the challenging times and let them know we are connected by love regardless of behavior?

My family recently attended Realfest, a weekend Christian musical festival in Carroll, Iowa, whose primary focus was on adoption and foster care. (Great bands, great kids’ activities, we recommend it!) As I spoke to a woman volunteering at a vendor table committed to helping unwed, expecting mothers, she said something that impacted me greatly.  She said that if one person said one encouraging word to these mothers about the preciousness of their unborn child, encouraging them in their journey, they’d often choose to give birth to their child.  One encouraging word can turn a life around and save a life. Words are powerful. 

Lord, please help me to take every thought captive so that my words build up.  Cause me to be bold to speak Truth and Life to those you put me into contact with daily.  Help me to show the preciousness of each life by my actions and words. Let my kids know they are Beloved to me and most importantly, to You.