Tuesday Testimony is set aside to share some of our grant recipients and their stories.  May you be blessed…

We are  Dave, Carrie, Micah, Jackson and Karis.  There are currently 5 of us, but soon there will be 7.  Dave is the pastor of our church.  Carrie is a stay-at-home mom to our children.  We are currently in process of adopting 2 children from Central Africa. 

We technically began our journey to adopt in March of this year, however, there were many stepping stones that led us to that point.  God used so many different things to work in our lives and hearts to lead us to adopt.  We have family and friends who have adopted.  We have been on mission trips to third world countries.  We have read the book Adopted for Life, by Russell Moore.  As a result of these steps, and many others I (Carrie) desired to adopt.  I felt like this was something God had planned for us, but Dave was not there yet.  So I asked him if we could begin seriously praying about adoption.  He said, "yes."  So we prayed for quite awhile. 

At this point we were nearing February, my birthday.  I jokingly told my husband that the only thing I wanted for my birthday was for him to say we could adopt.  You see, I knew God was leading us there and I knew at some point God would confirm that by speaking to Dave’s heart as well.  I actually never expected this to happen on my birthday time line . . . However, when I opened my birthday card I found this simple message, "OK, Love Dave."  This was his way of letting me know that God had spoken . . . we were adopting!! 

So we began researching adoption.  God led us to a country in Central Africa.  Originally we were planning to adopt 1 little girl, but as we continued in the process we felt God taking us a step further.  We were to adopt 2 children. 

The biggest challenge that we faced was finances.  We have had yard sales, dinners, fundraisers, cut back in our budget and applied for grants.  We knew that God had called us so we trusted Him to provide.  God has blessed us so greatly.  We are about halfway to our financial need!!  Katelyn’s Fund has been one of the ways God has provided for us.  We are so thankful for this ministry.  The whole process was wonderful.  The interview time was one I will not soon forget.  The committee prayed for us, not only for our adoption, but for our family and decisions and situations that we face. 

We are so thankful that God has called us to become a forever family to 2 orphans.  We cannot wait to meet them. Thank you Katelyn’s Fund for helping us make this possible!!