Tuesdays are dedicated to sharing stories from some of our grant recipients.  May you be blessed through their stories….

Life was good; we had great jobs, a beautiful home, financially stable and a baby on the way.  We were on top of the world and couldn’t wait to be parents.  On December 6, 2005 our daughter, Autumn was born and she was perfect.  Only after 36 hours of being proud, new parents did we find out that the Lord had a very interesting plan for our lives.  After multiple hospitalizations, trips the ER, biopsies and countless blood work; Autumn, at 6 months of age, was diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease.  Her life is full of challenges and we are thankful for every day that the Lord has blessed us with her. 

Our plans to have more biological children came to a screeching halt because of the hereditary nature of mitochondrial disease.  We both knew that adoption was the perfect fit for our family, and we were very excited to begin the process.

On November 10, 2010, we received the call that our profile had been chosen and that we would become parents again very soon.  Ty Nicholas was born on December 12, 2010.  We instantly fell in love with him and couldn’t wait to take him home.  Once again the Lord had another plan.  Ty was having feeding issues and after 2 weeks in the hospital we were able to take him home with a feeding tube.  After stomach surgery and a couple hospitalizations Ty is doing great!  His older sister absolutely adores him and we are having so much fun being a family of four.

Katelyn’s Fund has been a true blessing for our family.  It is awesome to be part of such a caring and understanding group.  The support we receive through Katelyn’s Fund is a gift from God.