There are times that I think to myself, “God is serious about this faith thing.” Just as my kids say to each other, earnest eyebrows squinting, “No I’m serious I really want you to share that with me,” I continue to realize just how serious God is about–well, lots of things, but as He’s been teaching me lately, about using his children’s lives for His kingdom work and plan that quite often looks nothing like I would have chosen for myself.

Of course, this is no new theme. In Samuel, we see how David’s life, especially since he committed it to the Lord, looked far from dreamy–on the run, hunted, hiding–and at many a chance to seize the role as king, the answer was “Not now” through a variety of circumstances. As our family awaits many things–a referral for adoption, children to gain a bit more self-control, finances to be more secure (you name it, i.e. anything my sinful nature can dream up)–I am continued to be reminded that there is much spiritual growth and teaching in the waiting. The times the Lord is saying “No” or “Not now,” let me by the Spirit’s strength and guidance and wisdom accept this with graciousness and patience and fruitfulness. As the psalmist tells us to “Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness,” let us not take this command as a fruitful lifestyle “once __X__ has happened” but in the midst of the waiting. I pray you can encourage the many dear friends in your life who are learning these hard truths as I am each and every day.