God is just amazing.


There are scripture passages that I learned as a child that continue to amaze me with their depth, passages like “in ALL things God works together for the good of those who love him, who are called according to his purpose.” These are familiar, comfort verses. But the longer we walk our faith journey and more life experiences we have, the deeper my amazement is at the PRACTICAL, real, you-can-count-on-it TRUTH of these passages.


I have been marveling lately at the Lord’s timing as it’s playing out in a few different friends’ lives and their adoption processes. Friends who have waited for years for the Lord to make it clear who their children would be, whether to step away from a waiting process, or how to proceed. Friends who sought a particular path for years, only to see that the Lord had different plans altogether. In some ways, being on the “sidelines” of these journeys has only strengthened my sense of how he orchestrates all scenarios. But it’s also been clarifying to me just a few things he’s been teaching me particularly the past year.


Firstly, the Lord has been training my “ear” (or really my spirit) to sense his prompting. The times that I sense his prompting or feel that unique peace, joy or distinctive conviction (which is distinguishable from a purely emotional response), he has consistently shown that by acting on that prompting, he brings forth his unique, undeniable timing and purposes. The examples of this are too many (and too personal for the families they involve) to go into detail, but I am mindful to slow down and tune my spirit to that distinctive “God prompting”.


Secondly, the Lord has been teaching me that when we are walking in faithful obedience and are faced with a decision (or timing of a particular path), he gives not only clarity and peace, but unity between spouses. We have learned that if it’s not peaceful AND clear AND we’re not of one heart and mind, hold off. And each time, the Lord has shown something much bigger, much more purposeful, and in his perfect timing.


So whatever it is that you’re journeying through, I encourage you to tune your God-ears–he longs for you to listen for his voice, and wait on the Lord for HIS clarity, peace and conviction.