This week I drove to an outlying town for a home visit….way out on the edge of the county.  As I was driving the mama texted me and said she and her toddler were out back putting up a trampoline she had bought for her boys.  I got to the house and walked out back.  Sweet young single mama of 2 precious boys was in the back yard starting to assemble a mini tramp she had purchased off of swap for her boys.  They youngest was napping and the older boy, just 2 was “helping”   aka losing screws and poking holes in the cardboard box.


I surveyed the situation and could see she was struggling.  The instruction manual was cast aside on a pile of parts….and the toddler kept taking things she needed for assembly….and I thought to myself.  Oh my word.  I am no help here.  I can’t put together a tramp.  I stink at following directions and building things… I took screws away from the toddler and talked to her and watched her struggle for a bit…..and then I thought to myself…..I have a husband to do this stuff and she does not.  She bought them a tramp and she is going to figure it out all by herself….and my admiration for her swelled.  Courage.  Determination.  Love.  I picked up the instruction manual and began to read:  step 1, step 2, etc.  and we had to take some things apart and then she found her rhythm and she started rockin it.  I helped for awhile…..longer than I expected…..and was late for the next visit but it was worth it.  She sent me a photo 2 hours later and the thing was completely built.  I was so proud of her and impressed.


Tonight, my husband and kids are putting together a new tramp.  We have had one in our yard for about 9 years and all the kids and all their friends love the tramp.  Ours broke last year at the springs level and was beyond repair so we gifted our kids with a new one for Christmas and now 5 months later, because it is spring in Iowa, it is getting assembled.  My very capable and patient husband is out there after dark even, putting it together and reading the manual and like a pro, he will get it done completely and safely.  Single moms do not understand the security that comes with having a good husband who can put things together…..and so single moms have to decide if they will do without or if they will figure it out.  I have so much respect for these women.  So much stronger and braver than I am……and so today, I ask for prayers for all the single moms who are doing the job of mom and dad……


Lord Jesus, give them patience and wisdom and provision.  Many of our birth moms are single moms…..some single moms are struggling with parenting and wondering if they should…….some are in bad relationships……so Jesus, just please be the everything they need.