God definitely epuips us for the work he has for us to do.  Seemingly since birth, God has made me an easily organized person.  I take no credit for this, to God be the glory alone!  Still, I am extremely grateful to Him for this blessing of organization.  It has made managing the home for a large family not only easier but desirable;  I really enjoy managing our home!

Now my struggle is with the selfish desire to have my home managed to the standards that I have In my head, meeting my expectations.  Having eight of the kids still living at home and homeschooling, my days feel busy.  I am fine with busy,  but again, it is my struggle with wanting to have my home maintained to my standards.

 I feel like that is how it goes with all my life.  God blesses me and still I desire to go my own way or try to meet my own expectations instead of trusting Him.  When my expectations aren’t met, there is conflict, disappointment, hurt,… the list is endless.  It all goes back to my waywardness.  God says I am to trust in Him and lean not on my own understanding and He will direct my paths.  If I trust him when my house (and life) is unorganized, He can guide me through it. Oh the blessings that I can receive by having walked with Him are immeasurably  more valuable than meeting my expectations or having anything organized.