I work in college ministry and spend a good amount of time hanging out at the student union.  Most of the time spent there is encouraging as I sit across from young women who want to pursue a relationship with Jesus. I get to sit in the front row as the Holy Spirit changes women’s lives through the Gospel of love and grace. But, recently there have been a few times that I have sat at the union and gotten extremely angry and discouraged! Why? Because I have overheard conversations on different occasions between guys and girls in which they have been casually talking about sex. Asking each other, as if they were asking about the weather, how many “hook ups” they have had. On one occasion, I look over at them and the guy was counting on his fingers how many woman he had been with. After listing off more than one hand could count he made the statement, to which the girl agreed, “that is not that many!”  One of the other disturbing parts to one of these conversations was the questions they asked each other, “who do you want to hook up with” (in more vulgar words)  and “who do you want to marry?”  The insuring conversations were descriptions of how good in bed the people listed would be. 

My heart filled in sadness and anger. Anger at the lies our culture is feeding young people about what sex is all about. The pervasive belief that it is something to be experienced as much as possible, whenever your body feels the urge.  The belief is that sexuality is something to explored and questioned and challenged and all that can be done in your youth!  I don’t have to write about all the reasons this worldview is wrong and harmful because most of you reading this have either felt the pain of trusting these lies personally or you have seen others walk in this lifestyle and be hurt.

The part that really bothers me most is not the men and women who will have baggage, broken hearts, scars, and lifelong consciences to their casual sexual freedom, but the unborn babies that are conceived in these casual sexual experiences.  These little lives that will most likely never get a chance to be born! My heart is broken over the precious lives of babies that should be celebrated but instead are seen as an inconvenience and something to be dealt with!

These are all lies straight from Satan. Satan, who is the ruler of this world (Eph. 2:2) and is out for the destruction of all things good.  Satan, who roams around like a lion looking for someone to destroy (1 Peter 1:8).  Oh, how successful his casual sex strategy is.

Thank you to adoptive families who have chosen to give woman different option than the one the world is offering for these inconvenient pregnancies. Thank you to the many who have come alongside adoptive families and helped them financially so that the courageous pregnant woman can make the loving choice of adoption for her unborn child!