We are filling out lots of papers and questionaires for our adoption agency.  Our home study has been submitted for approval.  Once approved (we hope!), we can apply for financial assistance, and gather 10 lbs of paperwork that become a dossier, that gets sent overseas to India….and after lots of time, and money, and prayer….we may or may not get approved and matched with the Indian child welfare agency….for the little girl we are dreaming of.  We are asking for just one child, among millions and millions.  We are asking for a chance to count just one less this year, in terms of orphan statistics.  We are trying.  Our hearts and our motivation are in the right place.  And yet.

We can’t submit the 7-page question and answer document to the agency because my husband does not have time to read through it and add comments and sign off on it.  We are not sending it until he contributes to it, because we will have a paper notorized that we both contributed.  We can’t get that done because we had an ice storm this week in Iowa, and half our back yard fell down, in terms of leaves and sticks and huge branches….and the boys’ bedroom is flooding due to bad drainage from clogged gutters….and Jeremiah had a school project to do that involved a biography…and he chose President Obama….and his dad sat at the dining room table with him several times, reading out loud from our library book, to get his facts straight for the third grade presentation.  And my grandma died yesterday.  Lots of family is coming home to celebrate her, and to say good-bye.  

Why don’t bored, rich, lazy people get called to adopt?  Why is it those of us who are maxed out, pushed to the limit, feeling every day like it matters more than any other?  It would be so helpful if the bored, wealthy, too-much-time-on-their-hands families would step up to the plate, now wouldn’t it?