Two weeks ago I left on a three-day retreat to visit some prayer warrior/social justice/Jesus-loving friends.  I was a bit disheartened by the reality of adoption.  I prefer to live in the ideal world.  Ask anyone and they will tell you.  I was tired and defeated and worn down…..and God’s timing was a gift, to have had this visit with friends planned. As I drove south, trying to rest and worship and think and pray, a friend sent me a message asking for fervent prayer.  They were going to a park for a play-date with a child who they could choose to say yes to, for adoption.  A foster child who was waiting for a forever family.  Would I pray that they would know if they should accept the referral or not?  Of course.  I will pray, friend.  I prayed with you before you started this process, when your heart was aching for a child through adoption….and I will pray now.  So I did.


Once with my friends, we prayed alot and I shared more than I intended to about my raw and wounded spirit…..and for the next few days I was prayed for.  I prayed in groups for orphans, for adoption, for God’s hand in the hard things of placing children in families… and night we prayed for all things orphan and adoption.  God clearly revealed to me that he is NOT letting me off the hook on this one.  I have work to do, families to pray for, children to advocate for…..and even if adoption is sometimes disheartening…….the other option is worse.  I will press in and press on for this very hard and beautiful thing that has the heartbeat of Jesus himself.


Last night my friend sent me another message……please pray.  It’s a hard day here with our little one.  Yes, friend.  Yes.  I will pray.  You will make it.  It will be ok.