Months ago, I started to research therapy dogs.  I looked at different web sites, talked to people who had experience or interest in therapy dogs, etc.  I felt a pull to pursue this.  I prayed about it.  Multiple times.  I felt that the Lord was for this venture……for one of our kids who struggles, and possibly for other kids I have not yet met (according to a vague Word from God).  Prayerfully, and purposefully, I decided this would be good for our family.  Last November we brought home Lexi, our German Shephard puppy, chosen by the child who struggles in our family.  She was a gorgeous, classic GS pup and we all fell in love with her.  Crate training was recommended and we found that every time we let her out of the crate she was bigger, and wilder.  Lexi is our “behavior/therapy dog” but she is pain in the neck right now!  She is 44 lbs of raw, unbridled puppy… rain and mud….and I’m feeling helpless.


I need someone to encourage me to press on with this dog, and reassure me that the reward is yet to come.  I kinda feel like God is for it but nothing in this world points to this making sense.  She causes chaos and tears….she needs much more time and attention than I have available to offer her.  I desperately want this to work, not just for our disregulated child, but for me, too.  I’m on the verge of selling her to a farmer as a yard animal…..but maybe before I do…..I could take her out to the porch in the morning and let her scratch and clamor and shed on me for a bit, and then open my bible and read and pray aloud with her……and hope that God will intervene.


My dis-regulated, fretful, hyper child needs a good dog to lay on and run her hands through and wrestle with.  I need a strong dog to walk/run with and reward me with obedience and a sense of well-being.  More families need to know that adding a dog to the family could help……


Yesterday, I considered posting on social media something like this:  ” If you have adopted and you are struggling with your child, please private message me”……but I was scared because the response may have been overwhelming.  We, in adoption world, have a hard time revealing the hard places of adoption, the struggles with behaviors and grief and stress……partly because of pride and partly because we don’t want anyone to speak doubt over us or our kiddos… is fragile, subtle stuff…..the kind of stuff that dogs can sense.  Ya know?


One of these days I may be brave enough to call it out on social media and see who is feeling raw and vulnerable and real…..but until then I’ll just test the waters here on our Katelyn’s fund support page/blog.  I think having Lexi could help in our home…..but I’m tired and I’m at my wits’ end regarding puppy training.  Someone please tell me to not give up on this idea, or this puppy?