On Tuesdays, we take time to focus on some of our families that have received grants from Katelyn's Fund.  May you be blessed by their stories…..


Adopting our son has been an amazing journey of faith for our family. It has been incredible to see God work over this past year culminating in bringing our son home on July 2nd of this year.  Katelyn's Fund had a huge hand of encouragement and support in our journey.

My husband and I have talked about adopting since before we were married. It has always been a part of the plan for our family.  God blessed our family very early with three wonderful children in a very short time span of 2 ½ years and we knew that if we wanted to make our dream of adoption a reality we would need begin being intentional about it.  When we started our adoption journey we originally anticipated and planned for a long journey.  Our youngest had just turned one and we had intended to adopt a toddler hopefully finalizing everything two to three years in the future.

God had different plans and in his Providence he led us to our son Joshua in less than six months.  Instead of having two to three years to save and fundraise we had three months.  As we looked at everything that we had set aside for the adoption it would only take us a little over half way.  Many times we doubted if this was the path that we were supposed to take.

At a crucial time, Katelyn's Fund stepped in and offered not only financial resources to help bring our Joshua home but encouragement that we were indeed on the path that God had intended for us.  We have been home two months and I have to say that it already feels like he has been in our lives forever.  There is no doubt that God had this as his plan for us and I am so thankful to Him and to Katelyn's Fund for everything that they have done for us.