On Tuesdays, we take time to focus on some of our families that have received grants from Katelyn's Fund.  May you be blessed by their stories…..

We are blessed to be able to share with others what God is doing through adoption in our lives.  Our journey to adopt began when God broke our hearts for children without families.  We have four birth children and we are currently in the final stages of bringing our two sons home from Ethiopia.
When we started the process of adoption we felt called to adopt internationally but honestly the finances scared us. We became certified through NY state as foster/adoptive parents.  As we continued through the state we still felt God tugging on our hearts that we were to adopt internationally, specifically Ethiopia.  We knew of a family who had adopted from there and we contacted them for more info….and through much prayer we decided to follow God in obedience to where He was calling us.  We realized we were limiting God and He had much more for us than we could have ever imagined.  To say our adoption journey has been a rollercoaster of emotion is an understatement.  Through our journey we have experienced Jesus in so many ways and learned what it is to follow His will and not our own.
When we heard about organizations like Katelyn’s Fund and the financial support they give to families adopting we were encouraged.  Knowing that they exist helped us to take that leap of faith to adopt internationally.  We are so very grateful to Katelyn’s Fund and all the supporters for providing our family with a grant to help bring our boys home. We also want to thank Katelyn’s Fund and their members for their PRAYERS and support with adoption resources.  When we had our phone interview with Katelyn's Fund we were in the midst of some pretty tough struggles.  When the board members prayed over our family and our adoption we felt overwhelmed with peace and comfort. We feel blessed to have Katelyn’s Fund partner with us through our adoption journey!