Mike and Cassie Krueger Family


Children: Taylor (11), Brandon (8), Emma (5), Samuel (4), Aubrey (2), Isabelle (1), Eli (2 months)



Church: Faith Community Church, Hudson WI



Our adoption journey started many years ago when we were told we would not be able to have biological children. While waiting to pursue the adoption call placed on our hearts, the Lord blessed us with 3 biological children. After the loss of Mike’s parents, we adopted 3 children using an inheritance from them. Even though we had 6 wonderful children, it still felt like we were missing a little boy. We began praying for guidance and asked the Lord if he wanted us to adopt we needed a passenger van and $4000 for startup fees. Within a weeks’ time, we had a passenger van and $4000! We received our answer and began the adoption process once again. Everything went very quickly and two months later, while in New York visiting family, the phone call for Eli came. Our baby boy was waiting for us in Alabama! We were able to meet Eli’s birth mom and we are so thankful for her sacrifice and gift of Eli. God was faithful in meeting our needs throughout the whole process. The entire process has been an awesome reminder that God provides for our needs in His perfect timing.



Katelyn’s fund was one of 3 grants we received to help with the costs of adoption. It is an amazing feeling to know there are people who will give their time and money to help other families adopt. But the part of Katelyn’s Fund that touched our family the most was the time they took to pray with us and for us. We are so thankful for the opportunity to share part of our story. Thank you so much for your generosity, support and encouragement through our adoption journey.



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